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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: Do You Think Athletes Are Loyal?

Athletes trade teams all the time. Whether it be for a bigger paycheck, a better chance to win, or a combination of both, the biggest stars in all of the major sports usually don't find themselves wearing the same jersey at the end of their careers that they started their career in.

Such is the case with Steve Nash, who was just granted his wish to be signed and traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Many Phoenix Suns fans are brokenhearted over this, but it was almost inevitable that he would be leaving... just not tot he team's biggest rival.

But Kurt Warner, a guy that knows a little something about being rejected by a team, thinks that Nash was loyal to the Suns for so long and had the right to go where he wanted to. Warner claims that players should be loyal to their franchise and most of the time, that is the case. The thing is, the franchise must also be loyal to the players as well.

So that leads us to today's poll question: Do you think athletes are loyal? Teams usually are not, that is just business. If they want to keep a player, they will usually do it for the best interest in the team they work for, whether that be to increase ticket sales or what have you. But as for players, they can leave on a whim once their contract expires. They can also holds the club hostage by holding out as well.

So do you think athletes are loyal? Should they be? All sports are businesses, but should they carry more sentimental value? Tell us what you think.