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Calais Campbell And Darnell Dockett And Tackle Stats For Interior Linemen

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Pro Football Focus is still looking at tackling stats and the Arizona Cardinals keep having people show up on the list. This post focused on on the interior line. Both Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett show up on the list.

Where exactly and in what categories?

Campbell is on the lost for good and bad.

In three seasons, Calais Campbell logged 150 tackles, which is the third highest number. He also had the fourth highest total of misses with 12. Dockett is on the missed tackle list as well, tied for eighth with nine misses.

Due to the volume of their plays, neither is on the list for best or worst tackling efficiency (attempts per miss).

As noted in a previous post, both Campbell and Dockett are in double digit efficiency rates, although both (unlike many teammates) suffered dips from 2010 to 2011.

The Cardinals' other lineman, Dan Williams, hopefully can get some more tackles in 2012. History with him shows he is solid. He has missed a total of one tackle in two seasons.

Another interesting note is how a pair of former Cardinals defensive linemen did. Alan Branch is among the worst in number of missed tackles in three years (10) and tackle efficiency (8.6 attempts per miss). Considering he had limited playing time in Arizona, it shows why the team did not try too hard to keep him.

Antonio Smith, the player Campbell replaced when Smith left for the Texans also suffers from misses (nine in three years) and is not great at efficiency (8.9).

Another thing of note. It would be really cool if Williams can turn into a Casey Hampton-type player. One missed tackle in three years. All while being old.

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