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ROTB Roundtable: Area of Improvement, Off-season Grade, and Hall of Fame Game

The pre-season is almost here! As the Cardinals get set to take on the New Orleans Saints on prime-time TV during the Hall of Fame game, the ROTB Writing Staff got busy, answering three "current" questions.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) As the off-season wraps up, what is one area you think the Cardinals should have addressed more?

Alex Mann: Adding possibly some more Veteran depth at WR, or even on the O-Line. We didn't have a lot of money to spend but we added depth players in the secondary, and added Snyder who is an upgrade it seems over Hadnot.

Cdeveau: OLT. I know they drafted some young linemen, but there was a potential for free agency looks. In the end they stayed with Levi Brown...

Jesse Reynolds: Considering our budget limitations I think we did what we could. I would have liked to see another tackle brought in to push Levi Brown and Jeremy Bridges.

Jess Root: Aside from perhaps more on the offensive line, nothing. But even with the offensive line, it is hard to criticize based on who was available. There really weren't upgrades over Levi Brown or Jeremy Bridges that fit in salary cap and didn't have durability issues.

Tyler Nickel: I'm still somewhat skeptical of the offensive line, but I hope it can improve. I would have liked to see a higher draft pick spent on a tackle, but I like the picks the Cards made so it's hard to argue. Given how close the team was to the salary cap, I think they did a good job.

2) What grade would you give to the overall performance of the Front Office this off-season?

Alex Mann: B+/A- It was really boosted with our draft. Analysts say we should have gone with on OT in the first round but we snagged Massie in the 4th and Potter in the 7th, two players who we know Massie will start by at least next season, and Potter could turn out to be Browns replacement if he doesn't maintain that momentum from last year.

Cdeveau: B. Slow free agency period but a value packed draft. That works out to a B in my book today.

Jesse Reynolds: I would give them a solid A. Again, not much cap space to work with but they kept Calais Campbell, they made Wilson a Cardinal for like and reduced his cap impact and have setup negiotating room for Daryl Washington. If they can sign him to a long term deal we are set!

Jess Root: I've written it before. I would give the impression grade a B. Obviously, the grade has to be "incomplete" since we don't know whether or not the moves will pan out.

Tyler Nickel: This kind of corresponds to the first question. I think I'd give them a B+. I thought they made solid picks and acquired good players through free agency, but again, would have liked to see another solid tackle and maybe a linebacker.

3) What are some things you will be looking out for this Sunday in the Hall of Fame game?

Alex Mann: Obviously QB, but also how do our DB's stand up against Drew Brees and our Pass Rush. Forcing turnovers wasn't exactly our forte according to Horton so look for defenders to make plays on the ball.

Cdeveau: How the OL holds up? How the QBs perform in the pocket? How accurate they are? How is the running game? Does the offense start quick or sputter along? It's all about the offense that weekend.

Jesse Reynolds: I would like to see who emerges from the roster. The focus will be on the first team offense but I would like to see if Greg Toler is back, if Dan Williams is back, who our CB's are going to be, and if our young OLB's can make some impact.

Jess Root: In a first preseason game, I want to see basic execution. I don't want players getting hurt. Obviously, the biggest thing is to see Kolb look sharp. He doesn't have to look perfect, just sharp and confident. And if not Kolb, then to have Skelton look really good.

Tyler Nickel: Just like everyone else, I'll be looking for how the quarterbacks perform. If Kevin Kolb looks good, then I think he'll have this job already wrapped up, to be honest. I also want to see how the secondary holds up against Drew Brees and if Acho and Schofield can get pressure on him.