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Cardinals Vs. Chiefs: Historical Facts Between Two Teams

The Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs face off Friday night in Preseason Week 1 -- of course, the Cards already have one game under their belt. They have a loss and a Kevin Kolb injury. But let us now look at some historical things between the two teams.

This will be the 25th meeting of the two teams. It is pretty even. The Cards are 11-13 against KC and 6-7 on the road at Arrowhead Stadium.

The last time they met, it was in the forgettable 2010 Cardinals campaign, but in the middle of the successful 2010 season for the Chiefs.

That game was a 31-13 loss to the Chiefs in which Dwayne Bowe caught two touchdown passes and the defense gave up 159 rushing yards to Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

Obviously, that was then, when KC went to the playoffs. Now is just a meaningless (record-wise) preseason exhibition. Of course, both teams will find great meaning from the game in evaluating players, but at least for spectators, it will probably look like just another preseason game.

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