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Arizona Cardinals QB Battle Preview

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So far nothing this off season has been more riveting than the QB battle between John Skelton and Kevin Kolb.

It has created heated QB debates, comparisons and more articles and fan posts than any other topic pertaining the the Arizona Cardinals.

Most fans are burnt out on it and want a decision but knowing Coach Whisenhunt, a decision won't be made right away unless someone steals the show.

Tonight the Cardinals play the Kansas City Chiefs, with John Skelton getting his first start of the preseason.

After the jump, what to look for.

John Skelton

So far in the Great QB Battle of Arizona, John Skelton has taken an early lead in the eyes of the fans. When Kolb left the game after another injury and a very poor showing, Skelton came in and lead the team on a 94 yard touchdown drive. He was 4-6 on the night and was greatly aided by the run game.

Skelton in his first start needs to continue to operate the offense and read the defense. Skelton has a history of missing easy throws and reading the defense late, tonight he will need to show his growth as a QB and make solid reads.

A solid night by John Skelton could really begin changing the dynamics of the his QB battle.

Kevin Kolb

We can make plenty of excuses for Kolb. The line was as porous as a sponge and we hadn't established a run game to help him like with Skelton but at a certain point a true player will show up and make plays. This is something Coach Whisenhunt has mentioned numerous times; good players consistently make plays.

Kolb did not show up to play football against the Saints. After getting injured again Kolb needs to prove to the coaching staff and fans that he can play an entire season of football uninjured. Kolb also will need to show vastly improved pocket presence.

If Kevin Kolb wants to stay in this QB race he will need to have an outstanding game, not just a good game.

What are your thoughts on what the QB's need to show tonight?