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Arizona Cardinals Players Respond To Loss To Chiefs On Twitter

The Arizona Cardinals lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 27-17 in embarrassing fashion on Friday. There was really nothing clicking for the team -- not on offense or defense. The quarterback situation is no clearer than it was before the start of the preseason. It was frustrating for everyone involved.

After the game, many of the players reacted to the loss on Twitter with a mix of frustration and hopefulness. Hit the jump to see what they tweeted.

John Skelton was one of the first. Now don't read too much into the fact that Kevin Kolb didn't tweet anything. He just doesn't tweet.

The offensive line responded as well:

Ryan Williams, who didn't play, had something to say. Beans refers to Beanie Wells and JJ refers to Javarris James.

Quentin Groves shared Skelton's sentiment:

Ryan Lindley, the star of the game, based on fans' reaction on Twitter tweeted this:

Running back Alfonso Smith:

Rookie Justin Bethel's quick tweet said a lot:

And lastly, the team's unquestioned leader:

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