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Arizona Cardinals go down in 2nd game to Kansas City Chiefs, lose 27-17


Well, that wasn't much fun.

In the 1st official game of the 2012 NFL pre-season, the Arizona Cardinals failed to get a win against the Kansas City Chiefs, instead losing for the second week in a row.

Hit the jump for details from the loss in Kansas City.

Little was decided in the Kevin Kolb vs. John Skelton QB competition. QB John Skelton started the game, and his first drive showed promise. However, he failed to make an impact after that, ending the game 3-6 with 36 yards, and 1 interception. Luckily for Skelton, QB Kevin Kolb decided not to take advantage of his rival's lackluster performance. Going 1-5 with 21 yards, the competition is far from over. At least one of the Cardinals QB's scored, however, with Richard Bartel connecting for an 18 yard pass to Jaymar Johnson in the 4th quarter. But with the only other TD for the Cardinals being a 2 yard rush to the left by William Powell, it wasn't enough to keep up with Matt Cassel and the Chiefs.

As for the Cardinals defense, it was hardly an inspiring game. The defense immediately gave up consecutive TD drives to the Chiefs, the first one ending in a Matt Cassel to Peyton Hillis 11 yard pass to the left, and the other resulting in Shawn Draughn rushing to the right for a 4 yard score. The sole bright spot for the Cardinals Defense was an interception by Safety Rashad Johnson.

As it was pre-season, Larod Stephens-Howling and Patrick Peterson were again withheld from performing their return duties. Therefor the only highlight from the Cardinals Special Teams was a 40 yard FG from K Jay Feely in the 2nd quarter.

The time of possession for the Cardinals was 26:47, vs. 33:14 for the Chiefs. They had 16 1st Downs, 7 punts, and 6 penalties, which resulted in 90 yards for the Chiefs.

Next week, the Cardinals travel back to Phoenix as the visiting Oakland Raiders come to town. All eyes will be on the Cardinals QB's, who have yet again extended the competition to another week.

Just what every Cardinals fan wanted, right?...