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Training Camp Update: Jeff King Activated From PUP, Beanie Wells And Ryan Williams Progressing

The injury situation with the Arizona Cardinals got a little bit more settled when tight end Jeff King was activated from the preseason PUP. He had offseason surgery on his quad. He is optimistic that he will be on the field during game play soon. He practiced on Monday.

"I don't think it'll take that long," he said about his leg. "It's responded very well." He said that all that they have done to test the muscle out has been good -- the workouts and the traveling -- "I haven't had any setbacks."

He is not expected to play against the Raiders. "The goal is to play a little against Tennessee," he said.

He isn't the only player excited to get back into the swing of things.

Running backs Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams are jonesing to play, as well.

Williams is planning on playing against Oakland. "I've been working real hard these past couple of weeks," he explained. "So you know hopefully I get some snaps in this week and get my feet wet."

Williams said he is at about 90-95 percent.

His mindset is not to go out there and impress the coaching staff, despite the offensive struggles. He is hoping to get the first hit to the legs out of the way.

"I just need one of those hits, somebody landing on my leg or something like that," he said. It would get that out of the way and allow him to know that his leg can take.

Beanie Wells didn't know if this would be the week we see him.

He will do more in practice this week. "I think the plan is to progress as we go on," he explained. Then he would sit down with the coaches and decide when it is right to play. He knows he needs some reps, though.

"I know I need the preseason," he said when asked how long he needs to get his legs under him for the regular season. "It may be one game or two games, but I definitely need it."

It isn't about chemistry with the line, but rather getting hit a few times and getting used to that...and giving out hits, which he likes to do.

Williams against the Raiders? Hopefully. King and Wells? It sounds more like next week.

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