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Arizona Cardinals QB Competition: The Worst Thing That Could Happen

I think we can agree that the quarterback situation this preseason has gone about as badly as it could. Neither John Skelton nor Kevin Kolb have stood out as a guy that the coaching staff feels comfortable moving forward to name as starting quarterback. Ideally, one will step up and be clearly better.

That's what we are hoping now anyway. Clearly, most of us have a player picked that we think should win or that we think is the better player, but I would have to think that we all would be content to see one be better than the other.

Which brings us to what would be what we really, really don't want to happen as fans.

What we don't want is uncertainty.

Picture this terrible scenario -- which is altogether possible.

The worst thing that could happen is that that Kevin Kolb gets injured against Oakland after being relatively effective. He can't play the last two weeks, but he is close to being back.

In the meantime, Skelton, in his absence, plays unevenly, unable to win the confidence of coaching staff.

Then you have two quarterbacks who are inconsistent. Who do you pick? Kolb played well briefly before getting hurt, but he got hurt -- again. Skelton is healthy, but inconsistent.

You end up with a choice to pick the guy that played well late, but only briefly, or the guy that stayed healthy but was inconsistent at best.

The question would remain in the regular season. Then every failed drive or turnover would be met with the call for somebody else.

What do you do in that case?

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