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John Skelton Reportedly Has Lead In QB Battle, Says Adam Schefter

Up until now, all the discussion regarding the quarterback battle with the Arizona Cardinals has been pure speculation. Now there is an actual report saying that the organization favors one player over the other. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, John Skelton is the favorite to win the starting job, despite the fact that Kevin Kolb is going to start against the Raiders on Friday.

Arizona plans to start QB Kevin Kolb against Oakland on Friday, however John Skelton is now considered the favorite to win starting QB job.
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This is supposedly what sources within the organization told him.

However, this is still questionable. When asked about it, Darren Urban, tweeted this:

kingehdee Edward Salazar
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@kingehdee @kentsomers Whiz insists there is nothing to report right now. If he is "leading" it's by the slimmest of margins.
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So choose to believe what you want. Schefter has been right before about the Cardinals, but Urban is with the team on a daily basis and does his job like a reporter, despite being on the team's payroll. However, Schefter is probably using someone in the front office as his source.

As for what was commented on another thread that Kolb has one more game to prove himself or he will be gone, I don't believe that for a second. It has been said all along that Kolb would stick around this year as the backup. He has already been paid a lot of money. The Cardinals aren't just going to cut him. He'll be on the roster because having a veteran backup isn't a bad idea.

Your thoughts?

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