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John Skelton Is Cool Under Pressure, Even When There Are Flying Pass Rushers

OK...even those who aren't ready to say John Skelton is ready to be the full-time starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals are convinced of one thing. He is poised when he drops back to pass.

He was poised on one particular play against the Kansas City Chiefs, when he made his best play of the game. He dropped back to pass, saw a rusher coming, which LaRod Stephens-Howling blocked low, causing him to have to leap over the diminutive running back. Without any worries, Skelton coolly moves to his left and delivers a strike to Andre Roberts.

Since it was requested by one of the commenters on another post, I thought I would put in a request to SB Nation's crew that puts together the great animated gifs that you can find all over our awesome network.

They happily obliged and here it is...


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