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ROTB Roundtable: Positional Battles, Ryan Lindley, and the Defense

The Cardinals take the field Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs for Pre-season Game #3, and they have yet again managed to raise numerous questions about themselves.

Hit the jump to see the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of those questions, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Besides the QB situation, which positional battles will you be keeping an eye on in Game 3 against the Raiders?

Jesse Reynolds: I am very interested to see if Stewart Bradley can replace Paris Lenon in the starting lineup. On a second re-watch of the game I noticed a few good plays by Bradley that got overshadowed by the defenses overall lackluster effort.

Tyler Nickel: Now that D'Anthony Batiste is starting at right tackle, I want to see if he can be a fixture on that side. If not, does the team turn back to Bridges? Go to Massie? There will be many questions if Batiste fails.

Alex Mann: The roster spot not opposite Fitzgerald... but further down the roster. Byrd has been praised by fans and staff alike, and has even caught some media attention. Fitzgerald has praised him for being tougher than he was as a rookie. We have one rookie WR each year that makes noise in Preseason and Camp, but Regular season he can't do anything, I think if he continues to play well, it won't be Floyd starting opposite Fitz in a few years, It will be Byrd.

Cdeveau: Positional battles I'll be keeping an eye on are the RT position, the 2nd and 3rd WR spots, and the depth at CB and OLB. A lot to watch for.

Jess Root: The right tackle situation, especially since there is a new starter in D'Anthony Batiste.

Do you think Ryan Lindley should be getting more reps with the 1st team?

Jesse Reynolds: We already have one QB too many, adding another one is a mistake.

Tyler Nickel: No.

Alex Mann: Not yet. If Skelton nor Kolb doesn't distinguish themselves by the 3rd (our 4th) preseason game, Lindley should get some time up there.

Cdeveau: Lindley - I like how the guy looks on the field, but no. Right now the snaps need to go to only one QB, and that should be the better of Kolb/Skelton.

Jess Root: Absolutely not! Lindsanity is fun if you are only being fun with it. If he is getting first team reps, there is something terribly wrong with the season.

3) The Cardinals defense was predicted to have a strong year in the upcoming season. So far, they have failed to show any signs of breaking out. Are you worried?

Jesse Reynolds: I am not worried. Against both the Saints and Chiefs I saw tons of breakdowns by defensive players and a very passive strategy. This will improve. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I didn't see the Cardinals blitz more than six players at any time in the last two games. The Chiefs got a sack on the Cardinals when they threw the house at Skelton with a seven man rush. I'd like to see the defense execute some play calls before I make a final decision.

Tyler Nickel: Not really, simply because they are minor issues and the playcalling and scheming has been vanilla. The D has talent and if they can start tackling and fixing minor errors, they'll be fine.

Alex Mann: Not at all. It's not scheme errors or anything like that, hardly any mental errors, but their technical errors. Players have been in position to make plays but missed a tackle. Just get that fixed and we'll be fine.

Cdeveau: The defense has been lackluster at best, but there are good things mixed with the bad. There has also been no game planning on the defensive side. Other than fundamentals, I'm not concerned, yet.

Jess Root: I am mildly concerned. They haven't shown anything they will do. But I trust the scheme. It is proven. If it isn't clicking come the regular season, then I might hit the panic button.