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Cardinals Vs. Raiders Open Thread

Well, the home preseason opener is here. We could be watching the starters for a good long while. Hopefully the offense is not a hot pile of poo. Hopefully the QB battle is more of a battle and less of a pillow fight. And hopefully...very hopefully...Matt Leinart will not look like the bext QB on the field for the night.

However you are followingt the game -- at the stadium, in a sports bar, at home or on your phone, jump in on the conversation. I will be at the game for SB Nation Arizona as media and will be live tweeting as is normally is the case.

Join in on the thread and enjoy the game...Some reminders...
1. Don't attack members.

2. 'Rec' comments you like. Everyone likes to see their comment go green. Also, the most 'rec'd' comments can get featured in a postgame post.

Have fun!

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