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No one wants to be proclaimed Starter

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We have seen our QB's go at it for a third week and again no one pulled themselves ahead of the other.

Kevin Kolb started the game hot. After special teams didn't let the Raiders get past the 15 yard line, the Defense shut down the Raiders with a 3 and out. Kolb would come out and with the aide of returning Ryan Williams, would lead the Cardinals Offense down the field going 3/3 with Williams punching the ball in.

We also got to see the bad side too. Whilst he tried as hard as he could to not roll out of the pocket, this lead to sacks... And a Safety. The offensive line didn't give him a lot of time to throw either. He also lead the Cardinals to a FG drive on a short field.

John Skelton only got one series in this game. It was a short field and Skelton took advantage going 3/3 with 1 TD. He looked good on the drive but he was inconsistent last week, meaning he has yet to prove he's worth starting.

Do you think either QB should start yet? Or do they still have to prove themselves?