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How did the Undrafted players do?

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So the Cardinals won their opening home preseason game, and go on the road to Tennessee next week on ESPN. How did some of the Undrafted Guys do? Lets take a look.

No players really stood out as we got to see extended play from the second string. However when Ryan Lindley got in the game we saw how uncomfortable he was without potential steal LaRon Byrd. Byrd, as many of you may know has been lights out in practice and in games while playing with Lindley.

William Powell yet again performed well. He took the second half kickoff for a large chunk of yardage, and ran the ball well carrying it 7 times for 37 yards and a TD to seal the win.

Blake Gideon had 2 tackles with one assist last night.

I have always said that this is our most talented Undrafted rookie group in a long while and it has showed, but last night wasn't there night since the starting Offense played till the end of the First Half. I believe that the three guys listed are locks to make the roster, with Powell overtaking Alfonso Smith for the 4th roster spot. Remember I have Powell as a UDFA because he was one last year and was on the PS.