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Levi Brown Could Be Lost For Season With Torn Triceps


The preseason win the Arizona Cardinals had a big loss for the Cardinals -- left tackle Levi Brown could be lost for the season because of a torn tricep. He could be lost for the season. Ken Whisenhunt said in his press conference that the tricep tear was a full tear and that t even took part of the bone. Brown will have surgery and the rehab is three months.

In a best case scenario, he could return at the end of the season, so the team will have to decide whether to leave him on the final roster or place him on injured reserve. There could be another option, but it has not been approved yet. There is a new PUP/injured reserve list that allows the team to bring back one player back to the roster during the season. If a player is placed on injured reserve, his season is over.

The team has to wait until after the surgery is performed to know more about what exactly the rehab will entail.

As an initial reaction...what do you all think of the loss of Levi? Had this been a year or two ago, most of us probably would be pleased he would not be playing. Now it seems devastating.

With the protection problems we have seen from the offensive line this preseason, the left side has not been the issue. It has been Adam Snyder and the right tackle position.

While the sky isn't falling, losing Brown is a big loss. The defense better be as good as advertised, because the offense is probably going to struggle greatly, no matter who the quarterback is, unless someone steps up at left tackle and surprises people.

Brown certainly isn't the best tackle in the world, but he is certainly the best one on the team. This could get ugly.