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Replacing Levi Brown: What Are The Options At Left Tackle For The Arizona Cardinals?

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With the loss of left tackle Levi Brown for what could be for the entire 2012 season, the Arizona Cardinals have a big hole to fill on the offensive line. Unfortunately, the team doe snot seem to be very prepared for his loss, considering how durable he has been in his five years with the team. In the team's defense, I doubt that any team is really well-prepared to lose their starting left tackle. It would always be a scramble.

However, the depth behind Brown is questionable at best. Let's take a look at the options on the roster.

Jeremy Bridges:

The team knows what it gets from Bridges. He is scrappy and a fighter, and he will be adequate at times. He has filled in at left tackle and played decently, but he also has had some very, very bad games. His strength is versatility because he can play anywhere on the line except center.

D.J. Young:

He is listed as the number two left tackle behind Brown, but he is inexperienced. He was on the practice squad most of last season, after making the team as an undrafted rookie. He was promoted to the active roster, but never appeared in a game.

D'Anthony Batiste:

Currently the starter at right tackle, he has played on the left side. He is a 30-year old veteran in his seventh season. He has appeared in 22 games in his career and started four. He had some issues on the right side on Friday.

Nate Potter:

He was the Cardinals' seventh round pick this year. He had a very good college career at Boise State, but he is raw and there are questions about hi strength and arm length to be effective in the NFL.

Adam Snyder:

He was signed in the offseason by the Cardinals to play right guard. He has had his issues so far. He can play tackle, but the team doesn't want to move him from guard. Understandably so, too. He can play tackle, but if you think he is a poor lineman at guard, 49ers fans will tell you is abysmal at tackle.


Of the guys listed, who would be the best option for the 2012 season?