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Who Will Have More Sacks In 2012, Scho Or Acho?

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The first depth chart is out and, by all accounts, it will probably look very similar once the regular season begins, save for a couple of spots. The outside linebacker finally has an injection of youth for the Cardinals with O'Brien Schofield and Sam Acho slated to start. Both of them are known for their pass rushing abilities and with any luck, they will each be able to rack up a few sacks in 2012.

But who will get more? Let's take a look at some of the stats from last season and have you decide.

Kudos to Mike Jurecki and Darren Urban on Twitter for giving me the idea for this post. Both of them were asked this question and both of them answered that Sam Acho would win the sack title, mainly because of his track record.

Acho, in 210 pass rushing snaps (according to Pro Football Focus), managed to collect seven sacks and 12 QB hurries. He was a breakout player for the Cardinals last season and is expected to put up similar, if not better, numbers for the Cards in the upcoming year.

The thing is, Schofield wasn't too shabby himself. He rushed the opposing QB 180 times and got five sacks, three hits and six hurries. If you prorated his number of pass rushing snaps to equal Acho's, he actually would have had better overall numbers than Acho in terms of sacks and hits.

They will both likely see a similar number of snaps in 2012, unless there is some sort of unforeseen injury, of course. I actually like Schofield to win this competition. He rushed the passer 40% of the time, whereas Acho was used in run support more and only pass rushed 37% of the time. He is the smarter football player, so I expect Ray Horton to use him in a larger variety of ways.

What do you think? Which of these two players will collect more sacks? Tell us in the comments section.

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