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Replacing Levi Brown: Who Are Some Options Outside Of The Organization?

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With the loss of Levi Brown for most of, if not the entire season, the Arizona Cardinals suddenly have a massive void on their offensive line. Brown may not have been the best pass protector at left tackle, but he was a great run mauler and he was the best option the Cardinals had.

Now, the team will look to replace Brown with options already on the roster. D.J. Young, D'Anthony Batiste, Jeremy Bridges, Nate Potter and maybe even Bobby Massie have been listed as options.

But personally, I am not optimistic as to any of these guys being able to pick up the slack. In the end, I think the Cardinals will have to look at players currently on other rosters or free agents to play left tackle. Let's look at some of the choices (however limited they may be) after the jump.

Chad Clifton could be the best option currently available. There was apparently some sort of issue with him passing a physical in New England, but if he can stay healthy and if his agent would return calls, he could reunite with Daryn Colledge as a great pass protector on the Cardinals' O-line.

Then there are career right tackles that could possibly plug in on the left side such as Tony Pashos and Kareem McKenzie. Both of them are solid veterans, but I am not so sure about trying to get them to learn an entirely new position in a matter of a couple of weeks.

What the Cardinals should do and most likely will do is wait for cuts to be made in a little over a week. Hopefully teams will regretfully have to release a veteran they can't keep or a promising young player that can be the stopgap for Arizona.

Either way, the Cardinals are undoubtedly in a conundrum right now. Let's hope that somebody can step up or this already makeshift offensive line might end up getting the quarterback killed.

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