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Cardinals/Raiders, Offensive Line Options Discussed On Arizona Birdgang Podcast

Skype is truly a wonderful thing. This week on the Arizona Birdgang Podcast, Mario and I sat in his studio to discuss Cardinals football with Joe and McStats from their studio. It was pretty awesome.

On this edition of the show entitled '#AZvsOAK', Mario and I talked to Seth Cox from The Sports Headquarters. Seth has done some awesome scouting stuff over at his website and we have featured some of his info right here on Revenge of the Birds. On the show, he gave us the low down on the offensive line situation now that Levi Brown is lost and some possibilities as to who could replace him.

After that, Joe Mario, McStats and I discussed the Raiders/Cardinals game. We obviously had to give our takes on the quarterback situation and who we think will come out on top in that competition. Do you agree with Joe that Kolb's time in Arizona has seemingly come to an end?

We also talked about our rookies of the game, players of the game and other favorite moments.

To listen to the latest edition of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast, use the direct link or use the cool new embedded player below. Thanks for listening!