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John Skelton To Start Vs. Titans, Starters To Play Into 2nd Half


With the preseason getting closer to the end, the Arizona Cardinals are going to play their starters more. In Flagstaff, Ken Whisenhunt spoke to reporters at lunch and gave a little insight as to what the game plan was at quarterback and with the starters in general for the Thursday contest against the Tennessee Titans.

Mike Jurecki tweeted the info afterwards:

If you have been following the situation at all, it was well known that Skelton would get the start on Thursday and that he would get lots of playing time. What Whiz gave in new info was how long the starters in general were going to play. Also, we can deduce as well that Whiz is not ready to make a call yet on the decision on who will be the starting quarterback, since Kolb will see time with the starters as well.

Converntional wisdom says that Skelton pretty much just has to avoid the terrible game sequence that Kolb had after his first drive last week.