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ROTB Roundtable: LT, New QB's, and Rookie Performances

The Cardinals have finished three games this pre-season, just as the ROTB Writing Staff has tackled three questions before tomorrow's game.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) LT Levi Brown went down with an injury in the Raiders game, most probably ending his 2012 NFL season. Who do you think should replace him on the line?

Tyler Nickel: I think the team will give second year man D.J. Young a crack at the starting position first. If he fails to show some improvement in pass protection, I have a feeling they turn to the always reliable, but never spectacular Jeremy Bridges.

Randy Fields: I think they'll probably go with Bridges at LT and provide him with help with a TE to either double team or chip and then become the check down. It could actually work out well for a guy like King or Heap to get more passes.

Alex Mann: I'm positive that the Cardinals will put D.J. Young there. There are guys like Jeff Otah who could fit in here if he is able to pass a physical, but I doubt the Cardinals would pursue him.

Cdeveau: I think Jake Long should replace him on the line. Now let me come back to reality and say that the Cards shopped for a LT this off season and chose Brown as the best looking of what was out there. This hasn't changed. Perhaps someone will be cut, but doubtful. This leaves the Cards looking within. I can see Bridges there with help from the RB or TE as Randy noted. I do hope that this points a big glaring spotlight on the Cards lack of success with the OLine and their current mantra.

Jesse Reynolds: At this point I think the Cardinals can only work internally. Bridges will get the start but hopefully someone overtakes the position like D'Batiste. I watched the Oakland game again and the offensive line actually did pretty well. From the outside looking in, it looked like the big errors, like the pressure that lead to the sack was from bad communication. On the left side the DE and DT did a twist and D'Batiste and Snyder didn't play it right.That can be attributed to lack of time together. I am interested to see how D'Batiste does in his second game.

Jess Root: It would be nice to see D.J. Young develop in a hurry, simply because Jeremy Bridges is more or less a known commodity -- he can do it okay for a while, but inconsistently. But the truth is, Bridges is probably the best we have, so you go with that.

2) Jason La Canfora recently said that the Cardinals could possibly add another QB to the mix. Do you agree with him, and if so, what are some names the Cardinals should consider?

Tyler Nickel: No, I think the Cardinals have their QBs. Colt McCoy and Tavaris Jackson really aren't upgrades over what they have now, anyhow.

Randy Fields: I don't think they'll add another QB to the mix. With Kolb's contract and the amount already paid to him he's a lock for the roster this year, I think Skelton will be the starter to the season and Lindley will be QB3. If you add another QB to the mix someone would have to be cut and I can't see them cutting any of those three until the end of the year.

Alex Mann: I'm not sure about this. Part of me says yes, we should, but the other part says no. IF we do, I want to pursue Colt McCoy. I still think he has potential and needs the right system and this may be his. He and Skelton can throw the ball deep but Skelton lacks the consistency to make those deep throws all the time.

Cdeveau: I really don't agree with him. First, QBs that can play aren't a dime a dozen. Secondly, you have to find one to play in the Whiz system. Not exactly easy to do. How many years have they been looking for a long term answer at QB? Throw in the fact that the OLine likes to make QB guacamole, and you have a real issue where the skill set may be there but not the physicality, or vice versa.

Jesse Reynolds: This doesn't make sense to me and I am not sure why the team would look to add a QB this late in the off season.

Jess Root: To go and add a quarterback now would be a slap in the face of the guys they have on the roster -- mainly John Skelton. Kolb will work fine as a backup. The only reason you bring a guy in is to potentially start. I don't know that there is anyone out there available that is a better option. It would have to be a veteran and a guy that has been in an offense like the one here. Otherwise, you deal with the same growing pains with learning the offense...and what's the point if you already have Kolb? That would just say that the team doesn't trust Skelton.

3) Out of the Cardinals 2012 Draft class, who has impressed you most so far this pre-season?

Tyler Nickel: It has to be Justin Bethel, due to where he was drafted. He hasn't shown us anything amazing as a safety, but it is his special teams play that sticks out. Three blocked kicks/punts in three games? Those are grounds for making a roster.

Alex Mann: Bethel... Is there anyone else? Sure guys like Lindley and Flemming have made some noise, but Bethel has 3 blocked kicks, a Punt, a Field Goal, and an Extra Point, in 3 games. Him coupled with Campbell and Peterson could be an extremely deadly trio on special teams.

Cdeveau: I'm going to buck the trend and say Bethel. O wait, that's what everyone else has said too. Guy gets it done on special teams all day long, and is picking up the defense quickly as well. I called him the steal of the draft a few articles back. I stand by it.

Jesse Reynolds: The UDFAs like Byrd and Gideon. It's preseason so I have gotten to see them play more than other players but I like the fight they are having for a roster spot. Oh and that Bethel kid, he's alright.

Randy Fields: Bethel is my favorite so far. He's exciting to watch. Fleming is my runner up. This team is going to have an incredibly deep and talented secondary for years to come.

Jess Root: I think that would have to be Justin Bethel, simply because he will probably have the biggest impact right away. Being a special teams guy, it isn't hard to crack that, especially since that is how most young players get playing time.

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