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Arizona Cardinals Vs. Tennessee Titans: What To Watch For

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The Cardinals will play their fourth, and perhaps most pivotal game of the preseason tonight as they take on the Tennessee Titans on ESPN. This game, despite not being counted towards any records, has huge implications in terms of what the team will look like heading into 2012.

After the jump, I'll give you a list of the things we, as Cardinals fans, should be watching out for in this game. Feel free to add your input and what you'll be seeking out in the comments section.

The Quarterbacks:

The most obvious and redundantly pressed upon topic for this game will be the Cardinals' QB situation. Will John Skelton clinch the starting job with his performance or will he leave the door open for Kevin Kolb to sneak back in and perhaps take the starting job? Then you have the backup players. Will Ryan Lindley make his case for being the #3 guy or does Richard Bartel still have a dark horse's chance? Keeping an eye on how the quarterbacks perform against a pretty solid defense will be important.

How Will The Cards Handle CJ?K:

Chris Johnson, one of the premiere running backs in the NFL, should give the Cardinals a good test in the first half. The team always seems pretty up and down when it comes to run defense, so to see them stop a talented back like Johnson will be a sight for sore eyes.

How Will The Offensive Line Hold Up:

To me, this is the biggest question mark heading into the regular season. Levi Brown is out with a torn triceps muscle, leaving formerly undrafted player D.J. Young to try and fill his big void at left tackle. If he can't do it, the team will have to turn to a slew of less than capable veterans to make due. The right side is just as big of a question with D'Anthony Batiste, Bobby Massie and Jeremy Bridges all vying for the starting role at right tackle. Adam Snyder has looked poor since coming over from the 49ers, so we should watch to see how he holds up tonight, especially in pass protection.

Ryan Williams:

It is unknown if Beanie Wells will play tonight, but if he doesn't, that will only give Ryan Williams even more time to make a case for being the starting halfback against the Seahawks. He has everything you would want in a back and the skill, despite not playing last season, is already there as a rookie*. Keep an eye on how Williams performs and how long he plays given his injury history.

There is plenty more we can look out for in this game, so please, share what you will be watching for in this game in the comments section.

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