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Cardinals Vs. Titans: Stuff You Might Want To Know...Or Not

Since we are an Arizona Cardinals website and what we do is give you information about the Cardinals, you would figure that giving you pertinent information about the preseason game Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans would be in order. Naturally, we would break down the key matchups and and positional battles and the latest on the quarterback situation.

Of course we will have all that. But that isn't this post.

Read on! (Or don't...I'm not trying to force you. I would appreciate it, though)

Did you know...that this is the seventh preseason game that the Cardinals have played against the Titans? It is, but it's only partly true. It is the seventh time they have faced this franchise in the preseason. The first time was in 1971, back when the Titans were the Houston Oilers. And no, Warren Moon was not the quarterback then. Even he did not play that long ago.

The two teams are knotted up with three wins a piece in the preseason matchup.

They last played in 2010, when Tennessee defeated the Cards 24-10. It was the first time that head coach Ken Whisenhunt had the team practice with their opponent in training camp.

As for the last "real" time these two teams played, Cardinals fans won't want to remember. They lost on a touchdown pass as time expired from Vince Young to Kenny Britt, capping a 99-yard drive to ruin Matt Leinart's start in place of an injured Kurt Warner.

Did you know....that one Cardinals player and one Titans player played for the other?

Safety Aaron Francisco played 53 regular season games for the Cardinals. He also slipped and fell in the final drive of the Cardinals/Steelers Super Bowl, leading to a Hines Ward reception that led to the Santonio Holmes TD catch in the end zone. That Aaron Francisco plays for the Titans. (Insert your own comment about what should happen to him.)

Cardinals long snapper Mike Leach played for the Titans in 19 games between 2000 and 2001. Back then, he played tight end. He doesn't do that anymore.

There isn't much more to know about that you won't find out later. You know, stuff that matters. Get back to work for now!

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