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Cardinals Vs. Titans: The QB Battle Continues, Skelton Could Lock Up Job (We Think)


Battle the start of the fourth round. Kevin Kolb in his corner, woozy and bloody. In the other corner is John Skelton, who has swung but a few punches, but appears to be ahead in the fight. If he doesn't screw up, the fight could be his after the fourth round. Wait...wrong sport.

The Arizona Cardinals are on the road to face the Tennessee Titans in their fourth and penultimate preseason game of 2012. John Skelton is slated to start at quarterback, with Kevin Kolb coming in at some point with the starters in the game.

Based on what we have seen in the previous three preseason games, Skelton should have the lead.

Skelton in his one series went 3/3 for 23 yards and a touchdown. He has had limited time in the preseason, but he has shown that he can make quick, accurate throws.

What does he need to do in Nashville to potentially lock down the job? Keep the offense moving.

Kolb will get a shot still with the starters. When he led Arizona in their first possession to a touchdown in their first possession, it looked like he might turn a corner and show the quarterback the team hoped they had acquired when they traded DRC and a draft pick away to the Eagles.

But that would be short-lived, as his next drives were disastrous. He was constantly under pressure, made ill-advised throws, held the ball too long and was sacked three times.

What does he need to do to redeem himself?

He needs to show the same composure and decision making in each of his drives that he showed in his first drive against the Raiders. However, even with a great showing, unless Skelton takes steps backwards, Skelton will likely still be in the lead.

My prediction?

Skelton won't be quite as effective in every drive. He may even turn over the ball. Kolb isn't perfect, but improves. Ken Whisenhunt says that he will need to look at the tape. In the end, the situation is a little less clear.

And ROTB readers collectively say "UGH!", even though secretly they like to have something to discuss.

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