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Where Do The Quarterbacks Stand After Loss To Titans?


After four preseason games, it appears that the starting quarterback position is in no better shape than it was before training camp even began. John Skelton got the start, with a chance to really separate himself from Kevin Kolb. He didn't. Kevin Kolb, in relief, hoped to get back into better graces with the coaches and fans. He did, but he also didn't.

So what is the team to do?

Skelton went a paltry 4/10 for 41 yards and an interception. He did make one very nice throw in the seam to Jeff King.

Kevin Kolb actually looked decent, except for two very, very, VERY bad decisions and throws. He went 17/22 for 156 yards, one touchdown and two terrible, terrible interceptions.

Both suffered behind the offensive line, Skelton getting sacked once, Kolb twice.

Ken Whisenhunt after the game was asked if the QB situation got murkier. "It sure seems that way," he said. He did say he would have to look at the tape, but he cannot be pleased by the fact that neither one is stepping up and moving the offense consistently.

What do you think the team should do now? Do you think they can actually name a starter? And if so, who?

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