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Arizona Cardinals Last Place In The NFC West? One Writer Thinks So

Let's admit it, based upon how the Cardinals have played so far this preseason, their status heading into week one against the Seattle Seahawks is very much up in the air. The quarterback position is still unsettled, the offensive line is in shambles and the defense can't stay on the field the whole game.

Due to all of that, Bryan Gibberman from SB Nation Arizona believes that the Cardinals are set to finish in last place in the NFC West, behind the Rams, 49ers and the Seahawks. As he notes in his commentary piece, it will really come down to some very key variables. After reading it all, it's hard to disagree with what he said.

Here is one part of the article that made a lot of sense to me. Basically, he isn't ruling out the possibility of Arizona winning the division, but the outlook isn't too great.

If the Cardinals play smart, turnover free football and the defense lives up to the lofty expectations winning the NFC West isn't out of the question. The 49ers are a prime drop back team, the Rams are one of the youngest teams in the NFL and the Seahawks lack big time talent on the perimeter of their offense.

With all of this, we are counting on these teams to fail. The 49ers may not go 13-3 once again, but I would still consider them favorites to win the division. They added some more pieces during the offseason and another year under Coach Jim Harbaugh can't hurt.

With all of that said, I agree with Gibberman. I am not sure if last place is in the cards (the Rams may give them a run for their money), but I do not see the Cardinals winning the division.

But hey, if they do, I will be more than happy to eat a little bit of crow.

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