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After Beanie Wells' Performance Vs Titans, Are You Worried?


Running back Beanie Wells finally got some game action on Thursday, carrying the ball six times for 12 yards. It was the first game action since having offseason knee surgery, a procedure he has yet to disclose fully, saying only that it was a scope. However, on Twitter the other day, there began to be some concern about Beanie's play, how he is not going to be successful behind this line, that falls down too easy, etc. Basically, Ryan Williams should be the guy and not Beanie. And it sounded like the sky was falling a bit.

But Ken Whisenhunt in his press conference on Friday shed some light on where the team thinks he should be, and it doesn't sound so serious.

Whisenhunt gave good news about Beanie Wells, who took a positive step because he felt good Friday after the game. "He looked rusty last night, which is not uncommon, and game speed is a little bit different," said the head coach. "He'll get more reps in practice this week and he'll play more in this game, which is a good thing. Hopefully he'll continue to improve and get better."

First, Beanie felt good after the game. That is what we needed to hear.

People still like to say he babies his injuries. I think we can say from last year that isn't fair. He played most of the season on one leg.

I am mot worried about Beanie after one game. He is simply getting used to game speed again. If he is still looking like this after Week 2, then concern will set in.

I think that having both Beanie and Ryan Williams will be good on many ways. One, it will push Beanie. Another reason is the fact the carries can be split, which will keep his knees from taking as many hits, thus keeping him fresher.

Ken Whisenhunt doesn't sound worried. I'm not worried. Are you?