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The Seattle Seahawks Made Two Big QB Decisions On Sunday; How Will They Affect The Cardinals?

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Much like the Arizona Cardinals, the Seattle Seahawks have had quite an eventful offseason. They acquired Matt Flynn via free agency, they signed Terrell Owens to lead a circus around before he was cut and they made a host of other changes to their team.

Two of those changes were made yesterday afternoon when the Seahawks decided to name Russell Wilson -- not Matt Flynn -- the team's starting quarterback. On top of that, they shipped their former starting quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, off to Buffalo.

So it appears that a rookie will be calling the plays when Seattle comes to Arizona in week one and the guy that lit them up last season and has thrown 4 TD passes against them in the past is no longer on the team. These are some big changes for Seattle, but how do they affect the Cardinals?

Well, for starters, the game planning will be much different for Wilson. He has the ability to hurt teams not only with his arms, but with his feet as well. That is not something that Flynn was going to really provide for them. Wilson was named the starter because he is a dynamic quarterback that can make a number of things happen.

The Cardinals will need to use his height against him. Having tall players like Calais Campbell and Dan Williams that are skilled at batting down passes at the line of scrimmage should prove useful. The defensive ends will need to hold him in containment throughout the game as well.

Another advantage the Cardinals may have comes with offensive familiarity. I don't care how special this rookie is and appears to be, no one can learn an entire offense in one quick offense, much less when they are coming right out of college. The Cards can use that against Seattle.

Lastly, T-Jax was a Cardinal killer. He has had plenty of big games against them in the past, both as a Viking and a Seahawk. But what his trade to the Bills ultimately does is take him out of the running to join Arizona. The Cardinals are still looking for QB help and Jackson could have been a decent option to help push Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.

So the Cardinals won't have to see anymore of this twice a season. But Wilson, a player that actually resembles Jackson in some ways, is now the starter in Emerald City. Will he be able to do the same?

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