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Quarterback Controversy, O-Line Issues Discussed In Latest Arizona Birdgang Podcast

The Arizona Birdgang Podcast crew is back to give you a preview of the Cardinals/Broncos game before it airs this Thursday night! Joe, Mario, McStats and I hit the studios to discuss a plethora of topics, including the ever popular quarterbacks, the shaky offensive line and the enigma that is Beanie Wells.

First, the QBs are obviously a hot button issue. Ken Whisenhunt stated that neither John Skelton nor Kevin Kolb will play against Denver. If that's the case, why not name the starter now? Is he trying to conceal information from Seattle? Or is there something bigger in the works? Get our takes on the show.

Then, we discuss Beanie Wells. Should the Cardinals try and trade him while he still has some sort of value? Or does he still provide more to this team than people think? I, for one, think it's nice having two backs that have different skillsets.

The offensive line has been a big issue this offseason. How can the Cardinals repair it? Who should start and who should go? Hear what we have to say on this edition of the podcast entitled, "Third String's A Charm".

All of that and much more discussed on this episode of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. To listen, either use the direct link (for mobile phone users) or the awesome embedded players below. Thanks for listening and enjoy!