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Does Ken Whisenhunt Really Not Know Who The Starting QB Will Be?

In his press conference on Monday and on the radio as well, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt did not reveal who his starting quarterback will be. He did say that Ryan Lindley would start in the preseason finale, but emphasized that he would not be the regular season starter, no matter what happens in that game.

When he has the decision made, Whiz told the media, "we'll let you know."

Some say he already knows who the starter would be and is using the decision as a bit of gamesmanship for the Seattle Seahawks. The quarterbacks in play don't think so.

Darren Urban talked to both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. Skelton said, "I don't see why he would do that," when asked if the head coach would know the decision but hold on to it.

Whiz mentioned using the last couple of practices to see how the two do with game corrections. The team is not game planning, so they will have competitive practices.

While some think Whisenhunt is playing games, I don't think so. He has waited and waited for one to clearly establish himself over the other. That hasn't happened. He really doesn't know.

That is the troubling part.

After months of practice and then the games, he doesn't know who will give the team the best chance of winning. Believe it or not, it is going to come down to two practices.

Or am I wrong? I just don't think that he would play around with his players like that if he didn't have to. Some players have said that the team wants to know who it will be. "I think the team knows the sooner we have a decision the sooner we can move forward but it hasn't worked out that way," said Skelton.

So which is it? He knows and is not saying. Or does he really not know?

In either case, there are real concerns.