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Patrick Peterson Planning On Returning Less Punts In The Next Few Seasons

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We all know how great Patrick Peterson is -- both as a punt returner and as a cornerback.

But the young phenom was recently on the Dan Patrick Show and according to him, he may not be the punt returner for as long as we would have hoped.

Peterson told host Mike Florio he plans on focusing on becoming a better cornerback as time goes on and that with that, punt returning could take a back seat. Not only does it require plenty of energy to play on both special teams and defense, but the risk of injury skyrockets as well. The Cardinals can ill-afford to have their number one corner get hurt on a punt return.

Peterson has also acknowledged that he knows the time will come where they ask him to step away from his role on special teams altogether. Until then, they will likely keep cutting him back little by little.

He is outstanding as a punt returner and just in his rookie season, he helped the Cardinals win plenty of games because of it. So how do you feel about the team scaling him back? Is that a good idea? Or should he be asked to do both?

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