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Cardinals Vs. Broncos: Some Stuff Not Dealing With QB Battles Or Rosters You Could Want To Know

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The Arizona Cardinals host the Denver Broncos Thursday night in Glendale at 8 PM. It is the late game of the NFL schedule. It is starting with no pregame because it is the final day of the Republican National Convention. By now, you probably know about the fact that neither Kevin Kolb nor John Skelton will play and that rookie Ryan Lindley will start.

But this post is saving you another rehashing of the QB situation or roster battles. I'll leave that for other articles for today. This is for other facts, tidbits and assorted nuggets of information.

Remember Peyton Manning? He spurned the Cardinals for the Broncos. We should boo him immensely, even though he is probably the most liked player in the entire league.

How much he plays, if at all, is yet to be determined. But wouldn't it be cool if Patrick Peterson picked him off or if the pass rush got to him and sacked him hard? Just for spite.

As for the Cardinals/Broncos matchup, it has been pretty one-sided. In the preseason, Arizona is 6-15 against Denver. Not that the preseason matters.

In a 2010 game that counted (but didn't matter because both teams were terrible), Arizona brought the Jay Feely and Tim Hightower show. Feely himself scored 24 points, including the touchdown on a fake field goal. Hightower ran for 148 yards and two scores. John Skelton, who made the start, just had to avoid being terrible. He wasn't good, but he didn't screw things up, completing only 15 of 37 passes for 146 yards. But the final score was 43-13.

On the Cardinals roster, there are many former Broncos. They include Russ Hochstein, Vonnie Holliday, Mike Leach, Nick Eason and D'Anthony Batiste. Only one Bronco -- Cyril Obiozor -- is a former Cardinal.

The Broncos are also ASU Football North. The Sun Devils from 2011 are on their roster. They would be quarterback Brock Osweiler, cornerback Omar Bolden and receiver Gerell Robinson.

Another fun fact? Cardinals running back William Powell leads the NFL in rushing yards in the preseason. The Cardinals have the sixth best rushing attack in the the preseason.

Want more of the meatier football stuff? Sorry, you'll have to wait about an hour.

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