Cards Start Season 4-0 before losing first game....

"Man you are crazy there is no way the cards start the season 4-0 this year." - Most Fans

I expect a lot of those types of comments. Which is weird because you would think that this being a cardinals blog that everyone would be for a start like that. I am going to take a look at the games we have going down to start the season.

1) Seattle At Home - Strong run game, Solid D Cards Win 14-9

2) New England @ NE- This game is a gift from the NFL, several cards remember the last time we went there and were embarrassed cards play well enough to win, temp refs screw up on tuck rule in cards favor we win.

3) Philly At Home - We bring a whole new level of pain to Michel Vick sacking him 11 times and knock him out for the season, cards run game pounds the ball to keep it away from that secondary. DRC intercepts a pass then returns it to cards end zone cuz he was confused cards win 12-10. We rejoice in the Kolb trade.

4) Miami At Home - The Hard Knocks crew shows up to record a game, Miami is blinded by interviews to watch what is happeneing on the field. Replacemet refs fired and old refs show up, out of practice they have over 250 yards in penalitys Karlos Dansby says yea maybe i should of stayed cuz miami sucks.

The biggest suprise may be that i have the Cards first loss at St. Louis, wow who would of thought.

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