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Cardinals Vs. Broncos Open Thread (Cont.): Second Half Version

The Cardinals are up 7-0 at the end of the half, but can they maintain the lead? Does it really matter if they do?

What did you think of the play out of the first half? How did starting QB Ryan Lindley perform? Oh, and how about that catch from Michael Floyd?

Stick with us for the second half in our open thread. But before you post, check out the rules after the jump.

1. Don't attack members.

2. 'Rec' comments you like. Everyone likes to see their comment go green. Also, the most 'rec'd' comments can get featured in a postgame post.

3. Don't post links for illegal streams or ask for them. I know in the past that this has been overlooked. SB Nation has made it very clear this is not ok. In fact, it puts the entire network at risk. So if you must, just use a regular search engine. Plus...this game is on NFL Network.

Have fun!