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Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos: Five Positives

Despite losing the final and fifth preseason game against the Broncos there were many positives.

After the the jump, five positives from the game.

1) Ryan Lindley: The rookie sixth round pick played well against Denver's backups. He started his night well completing 9 of 14 passes, with a touchdown and no interceptions. His 22 yard touchdown was to fellow rookie Michael Floyd, who made an amazing catch on the ball. Lindley struggled after Bartel went down with an injury, but overall the rookie played well.

2) Isiah Williams: In a last ditch effort to secure a roster spot, I. Williams brought his A game. On the night he had 3 catches for 121 yards, a 40.3 yard per catch average. With Demarco Sampson losing a fumble, it is possible that the young man may have made a nabbed a roster spot. Maybe.

3) Beanie Wells: Wells ran hard last night. Though he only ran for 35 yards on seven carries, he ran the way Cardinals fans love, very physically. He plowed over a few defensive players and generally looked good.

4) Laron Byrd: Byrd most likely secured a roster spot if the Cardinals keep 6 WRs with a three catch, 47 yard night. Byrd size was a factor.

5) Preseason is over: Finally, some regular season action starting this Sunday when the Cardinals host the Seattle Seahawks. Last night Russel Wilson came down to earth with an average showing against the Raiders. It looks like next week will be a defensive struggle.

Kudos: The defense played very well last night, despite going against the second string Denver offense. They held the Broncos to four of 14 on third downs, 140 yards passing, no offensive touchdowns and sacked the opposing teams QB five times.