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Arizona Cardinals/Denver Broncos: Cardinals Bonehead Play Of The Game

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Last night it was a battle of the back ups and those bubble players trying to fight for a job on the Arizona Cardinals or anywhere else in the NFL. We saw a lot of potential from our rookie QB Ryan Lindley, and we saw rookie mistakes, such as the interceptions that he threw. We also saw the potential of the starting offensive line to provide protection. While playing against a majority of 2s, the line had moments where you could see that they could gel together and the offense was able to move the ball. However, the offense was unable to put up many points on the board, even after driving the ball down into scoring position. The Cardinals Special Team Unit also had a major breakdown of coverage on the Omar Bolden kickoff return for a TD. The common theme in both of these bonehead issues is the kicking game.

The argument will be made that "it's only preseason", but looking back to the 2011 season it was key FG misses that were the difference between 11-5 and 8-8. To see K Jay Feely missing easy shots in his home stadium without wind and without any real pressure of a game win or loss hanging over his head is troubling. In addition, Feely's kickoffs seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Even with the new kick off rules Feely has difficulty kicking the ball deep into the endzone. The kickoff return for a TD shouldn't have even been an issue if the ball had been kicked deeper to allow the STs an additional few seconds to get down field, or to make Bolden reconsider taking the ball out of the end zone.

I realize that there should be faith in the system, but Feely is not getting any younger and his leg strength is not getting any better. It's too bad the Cardinals didn't bring in more competition at kicker to push Feely or identify a replacement during the off season. I think Feely is good, but with the number of kickers who are kicking the ball out of the backfield on kickoffs versus Feely who is getting just inside the end zone last night, I think he's an older kicker in a young kickers game. Hopefully I eat those words and he comes through with clutch performances.

What was your bonehead play of the game?