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Fun Facts For The Arizona Cardinals/Saints Hall Of Fame Game

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An email landed in my inbox yesterday regarding the upcoming Hall of Fame game that I thought I would share with all of you. Andrew McKillop of recently published a list of extremely interesting facts pertaining to the game in Canton between the Cardinals and the Saints.

Hit the jump to see what some of them are.

In 1967, the Saints defeated the Cardinals 23-14 in a preseason game in Shreveport, Louisiana. It was the Saints first ever game in the state of Louisiana. In 1988, the Phoenix Cardinals first game in the state of Arizona, was a 33-28 preseason loss to the Saints.

The Cardinals only exhibition win in the state of Ohio was in the '74 Hall of Fame Game against the Bills. They have an exhibition record of 1-7-2 in The Buckeye State.

The Saints are 4-0 all-time vs. the Cardinals in the preseason.

The Cardinals are looking to break a 1-1-1 record in the Hall of Fame Game. I wouldn't be surprised to see them or the Saints score 21 points in the game. In all the Cardinals other HOF game appearances, either them or their opponent has scored 21 points.

Personally, I found all of these facts to be very interesting. It's ironic how much history these two teams actually have with one another.

If you want to read more, hit up Mr. McKillop's website (which I linked before the jump). He has plenty more facts for your reading pleasure.

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