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Afternoon Open Thread Question: What Will It Mean If One QB Performs Better Than The Other?

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Finally, we will have some football tomorrow night! Even though it is just a preseason game and much of the hype will be focused around the Hall of Fame aspect of it, I am elated to finally be watching some pro pigskin again.

It was announced by coach Ken Whisenhunt that Kevin Kolb will indeed be the starter vs. the Saints tomorrow evening. He will likely take a couple of drives with the first unit and then be relieved by John Skelton. Whether or not he gets any time with the one's or not is unknown.

But what if one quarterback outshines the other tremendously? What will that mean for the team? Should Skelton or Kolb then start the next game as a way to show that they have to lose their job? Or should Skelton get the next start no matter what because it is simply his turn?

What do you think? What do you want to see out of the QB's and what if one is better than the other? Let your voice be heard.