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Kevin Kolb Exits Hall Of fame Game With Rib Injury

Kevin Kolb's night was a lot shorter than everyone would have hoped. It was also longer. He played for three drives, which is surprising, but it was a total of only six plays. It could not have gone much worse, as all the concerns about Kolb were amplified. He was picked off, had to scramble and got injured.

Then, after that, he did not shake his teammate's hand coming off the field.

He was intercepted on his first throw of the game, attempting to throw an "out" to Andre Roberts to the left. He was picked off by Malcolm Jenkins.

The second drive ended with a three-and-out. He threw two incomplete passes, the final being a throw-away while running away from pressure up the middle in the end zone.

His third drive lasted a play. He was pressured and got a throw away, completing it toAnthony Sherman, but he was hit as he went down and was injured. It was a rib contusion and he is doubtful for returning. Of course, being a preseason game, he will not come back.

Here is the play in an animated gif.


As Kolb left the field, he left Skelton hanging. Hard to say why. It could be out of sheer frustration (probably), not seeing him (doubtful) or he doesn't like Skelton (everything they say refutes this).



There is still a lot to see and do, but Kolb definitely did not help himself in anything on Sunday.

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