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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Update: First Practice With The Chiefs Went Well, No Fights Occurred


Since the Arizona Cardinals are in Missouri this week to practice with the Chiefs, we unfortunately do not have any SB Nation Arizona staff members at the training camp practices. Still, the Arizona Republic's Kent Somers and official team writer Darren Urban are there, covering all the action for the fans.

After the jump, check out some of their tweets along with my analysis on what we can make of them.

The most important news from the first day of the Cardinals/Chiefs training camp is that there were no fights. Apparently, coach Ken Whisenhunt was with the Cardinals offense and Chiefs defense on one field while Romeo Crennel was with the Chiefs offense and Cards D. This was done so that things could be kept in order.

As of now, Ryan Williams is questionable to play against the Chiefs on Friday. This is due to the fact that he still has some knee soreness, which is why he didn't play against the Saints. To be honest, it all sounds like a precaution and there really doesn't seem to be anything to worry about.

The thing that got everyone all riled up was when Somers tweeted this:

He later clarified that he was talking solely about the red zone portion of the practice. Still, if we want to look into it, it's probably not a good thing that Lindley was the best at anything. John Skelton, according to reports from both Urban and Somers, did not look all that sharp on Tuesday.

Another cool note comes from Kent Somers, who said that after practice, former Cardinal receiver Steve Breaston thanked Coach Whiz for giving him a chance to play in the NFL. As many have mentioned, Breaston has always been a classy guy, so this comes as no surprise.

Lastly, Whiz announced that Skelton will indeed start the game against the Chiefs, as expected. This isn't because he outperformed Kolb in the Hall of Fame Game (which he did), but because that is how the rotation is going. Each QB will get a chance to throw with the first unit at least twice.

Other notes: Beanie Wells was taken off the PUP list, but is not expected to play Friday night. Right tackle Bobby Massie has turf toe, so he did not participate on Tuesday and sat out most of the walkthrough, according to Darren Urban. The same goes for linebacker Paris Lenon because of his ankle injury. Despite his rib contusion, Urban announced that Kolb should play on Friday.

After it was all said and done, Larry Fitzgerald had BBQ catered in for all the Cardinals players and staff. That's why he is awesome.

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