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Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Picks

Our fantasy drafts should be coming up soon and, if you are like me, you have a natural preference to draft guys you are fans of. That means players on the Arizona Cardinals. The problem is, to be perfectly honest, there aren't many Cardinals players with great fantasy value. Most are guys that you could pick up as depth or as a backup.

So who has fantasy value on the Cards?

Aside from IDP leagues, the offensive player on the Cardinals you have to have is Larry Fitzgerald. Everyone offensively after that is a crapshoot. It isn't because of the skill. It is because of the quarterback play. It messes up the whole offense.

Andre Roberts could be a value pick. Depending on how the running backs are used, Beanie Wells could be a solid pick -- but only if he is the guy the team uses at the goalline. Likewise, Todd Heap and Rob Housler could potentially be great picks.

As for a team defense, Arizona is going to be good, but it has not yet proven itself as being good at creating turnovers.

If you are looking for individual defenders, Patrick Peterson is a good pick because of the punt return possibiilty. The issue is that if he becomes the shutdown corner many think he will be, he will lose defensive stats because he won't be targeted. As for your best bets on defense, that would be Daryl Washington and Calais Campbell.

What do the rest of you think? Who would be the players you would select for your team?