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ROTB Roundtable: QB's, Hall of Fame Game Encouragement, and Areas of Improvement

With the 2012 NFL Hall of Fame game in the books, the Cardinals have a lot of questions they needed answered. Luckily, the ROTB Writing Staff got to it.

Hit the jump to see their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Which QB do you think will get the start against Kansas City on Friday?

Tyler Nickel: I think Skelton gets the start, but not because of the fact that he outperformed Kolb. It is simply his turn in the rotation to start and fight for the starting job. If Kolb can't play, that solidifies it even more.

Cdeveau: Kevin Kolb will, but I have no reason as to why.

Alex Mann: Skelton. His play supported his wanting to be starter and Kolbs didn't.

Jesse Reynolds: Skelton as planned. Coach Whisenhunt won't veer from the plan.

Khodder: Skelton will likely get the start. Alternate practices should translate into alternate games for these two. I expect both to stay in the game slightly longer than they did vs the Saints, but not much longer, maybe 6-10 pass attempts each.

Randy Fields: I think Kolb gets the start, but only if the training staff can find some G.I. Joe Band-Aids or Kolb's mom can be flown in to kiss his boo-boo and explain that he's a "big boy". I'm surprised there hasn't been a tweet from Tony Romo's ribs yet saying something like "Kevin Kolb: the biggest fan of $7M roster bonuses and Team Skelton".

Jess Root: Well, we know that Skelton will get the start and that would have happened regardless of the play of Kolb in the all of Fame Game.

2) What was one encouraging thing from Sunday's game?

Tyler Nickel: I thought the defense was able to get plenty of pressure on the quarterbacks, despite the playbook being pretty vanilla at this point. Schofield and Acho looked pretty good, but the team as a whole needs to read the screen pass better.

Cdeveau: The drive down the field on the Saints 1st D, and the nice finish into the end zone by Alfonso Smith. Or I can say the job Stewart Bradley did, a nice day's worth of stats. And what about the DANCE!

Alex Mann: Stew Bradley. He definitely can push Lenon for the starting role, Byrd looked great, Bethel... A lot of rookies. This has to be our most talented 90 man roster.

Jesse Reynolds: Stewart Bradley's dance. All those dance lessons paid off. Really though, his play was encouraging. I'm pretty high on Bradley starting game one.

Khodder: Rob Housler, he continued to show us that he is an explosive receiver capable of creating big plays, but his blocking impressed me the most, he sealed the edge well and creating some good running lanes.

Randy Fields: Bradley, Groves, Floyd, and Housler. They were all guys I was hoping to see something good from in the first preseason game and they didn't disappoint.

Jess Root: I was very encouraged by the play of Stew Bradley. It looks like he is finally getting it in the defense. I also was very happy with the special teams play of Justin Bethel and the overall play of Quentin Groves.

3) What do you think the team needs to improve from Sunday's game?

Tyler Nickel: Tackling is the obvious one. They missed about 50 of them in that game. The offensive line also needs to work on their pass protection. There is still plenty of preseason left, so that is encouraging.

Cdeveau: QB play. If Kolb is gonna be the guy show something of a pulse. If he's not, then get Skelton every snap you can. The Oline also needs to step up. Lastly, the play-calling to start the game was unbalanced.

Alex Mann: Tackling. I know there isn't exactly a way to tackle in Camp other than tag off, but it's something I wanna see improved.

Jesse Reynolds: That's a trick question! Offense.

Khodder: Tackling is the obvious answers here, it seemed like the defense had forgotten simple tackling form, being able to make first up tackles is often the difference between plays going for 2 or 10 yards, the difference between 1st down or 4th down, the difference between a win and a loss in a close game. Our QB play was not overly bad. Skelton looked good, he made smart throws and looked comfortable. Overall QB play was solid. Kolb on the other hand need to make big strides soon.

Randy Fields: Special teams tackling, I know the Saints' Cadet was pretty elusive in the return game, but a lot of the guys were caught on their heals. Got to be better than that.

Jess Root: First and foremost, get the tackling right. That way I don't have to wait for them to show their stuff. The offensive line was terrible for Kolb and settled down for Skelton.