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Cardinals Vs Chiefs: 5 Good Questions With Arrowhead Pride

With the Arizona Cardinals in Missouri practicing with the Kansas City Chiefs, it is time to talk about the upcoming game on Friday. Joel Thorman, from Arrowhead Pride, SB Nation's Chiefs blog.

Check out what he responded with when answering the questions I had for him about the Chiefs.

Read on, my friends.

1. How is Steve Breaston doing and what is his role now?

At this moment, Breaston is the No. 2 receiver on the team. With Dwayne Bowe not attending camp (yet), Breaston is holding down the role opposite Jon Baldwin. I think the Chiefs are satisfied with him. In a radio interview last week, GM Scott Pioli raved about what a professional Breaston was. He's a role player, not the featured guy, which we need to remember sometimes. As a role player in the Chiefs offense, he's done well.

2. Do fans really think that Romeo Crennel can bring back the Chiefs magic from 2010 and longer ago?

Yeah I think a lot of them do, assuming by "magic" you mean 10 wins. That's very possible looking at this division. The talent is there and the Chiefs were an OT loss to the Raiders away from winning the AFC West last year without arguably their best defensive (Eric Berry) and offensive player (Jamaal Charles). Oh, and losing the quarterback for half the season. Tyler Palko was a starting quarterback for a team that nearly made the playoffs. Tyler Palko! The Chiefs have to be better this year.

3. How does everyone feel about Matt Cassel at this point?

Most people feel it's time he puts up a good season. Two out of the three seasons he's been in KC, Cassel hasn't been very good. In four seasons as a starter, he's had two good season. So, even though he's a four-year NFL starter, we still don't totally know what we're getting in Cassel. That inconsistency is what gets me the most. That and the Chiefs trying to convince by saying over and over again that Cassel is a winner even though he has a losing record in KC.

4. What can Cardinals fans expect from the KC offense?

Your guess is as good as mine! The Chiefs are installing a new offense under Brian Daboll and, as expected, the players and coaches are giving us a lot of specifics as to what exactly that is. But look at how the Chiefs are built, with questions at quarterback but a lot of talent at running back and along the offensive line. The Chiefs appear to be building a team that could once again lead the NFL in rushing attempts. You can expect Jamaal Charles to test out his surgically-repaired knee a few times. You can expect Cassel to seek out Jon Baldwin a few times. You can also expect to see some two tight end sets with Kevin Boss and Tony Moeaki.

5. What player will stand out to Arizona fans?

Jon Baldwin. He's one of those physical freaks who just never put it all together last year, his rookie year. This training camp he looks like the real deal working with Cassel and Dwayne Bowe missing. We don't know how he'll perform in games but he's someone you will definitely notice.