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Afternoon Open Thread Question: Should Kevin Kolb Play On Friday?

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Kevin Kolb, as you probably know, suffered a rib contusion from a hit he took from Sedrick Ellis on Sunday. It was a bad end to a bad sequence of plays for him. He had thrown a pick and then when John Skelton came in, the next drive the team drove down the field and scored a touchdown.

Now the question is whether he can and should play on Friday versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Ken Whisenhunt sounds like he is counting on Kolb to play and that he should be fine.

At AZCentral, Kent Somers put the pros and cons together quite well on the subject.

Why Kolb should play on Friday:

Frankly, he needs to. He had a rough outing as the last memory of the coaches and fans will be getting picked and getting hurt.

To many, he is behind in the QB battle. If that is in fact true, if Kolb doesn't play and Skelton plays well, it puts him farther behind.

Then the bigger issue -- he plain needs the reps.

Why Kolb should not play:

To start off, it is just an exhibition. He has a rib injury. Why risk it?

What if he aggravates the injury and has to miss more time?

He could see his stock if Skelton does not play well.

Now the question is yours -- Do you think he should play?

I say yes -- even if it is painful. One, he has to shake the fragile label. He also needs to get out in front of fans and show that he's not a waste of money. Plus, the coach is saying he should be ready,which seems like it is code for "if you don't play, it will go against you,"

Now it is your turn. Tell us what you think.

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