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John Skelton Has Low Ankle Sprain, What Does That Mean?

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During his Monday press conference with the media, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt had good news about quarterback John Skelton and his ankle injury. ON Sunday night after the game, Whisenhunt was hoping and even said we should all say a prayer for John, he was hoping for just a high ankle sprain. Instead, Whsenhunt told the media that Skelton has a low ankle sprain and would not even be ruled out for Sunday's Week 2 contest on the road against the New England Patriots.

So what is a low ankle sprain?

I found this on the magical Internet:

The low ankle sprain involves the ligaments supporting the subtalar joint. This is the joint just below the true ankle joint. The subtalar joint is responsible for the foot's ability to turn to the inside and outside.

This isn't a typical twisted ankle or rolled ankle. That is a "lateral sprain." It happens when your foot rolls inward. This injury to Skelton is more of a case when the foot is forced too far to the outside.

It had to be painful. Kevin Kolb said that Skelton is as tough as nails and he knew that he was hurt when he didn't get back up. "He's not going to wallow around whenever he's just got a little ding," explained Kolb Sunday night.

While Whisenhunt did not rule Skelton out for Sunday against the Patriots, I would expect it to be very unlikely. Whisenhunt is comfortable with Kolb playing and will likely prefer Skelton to be fully healed than to come back while it is still tender.

But in the end, it won't be too long that Skelton is out. Whether it will affect him after his return is another question. he hurt is plant foot.

I honestly think he will sit the next two weeks and will probably return against the Miami Dolphins.

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