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Kevin Kolb Will Start For The Cardinals On Sunday

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Although it has not been 100% confirmed yet, it appears that unless a miracle occurs, Kevin Kolb will be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals against the New England Patriots. He might even be under center for the Eagles game in week three as well.

According to Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk (via SB Nation Arizona), Skelton is expected to miss the next 2-4 weeks with a lower ankle sprain.

Although Kolb performed well in his game winning drive against the Seahawks, Coach Whisenhunt did not seem ready to turn the keys over to him unless he had to. He has never been a believer in someone losing their job because of injury, so that plan likely will stay in place for when Skelton returns.

Then again, it might not.

If Kolb clearly outperforms his predecessor and does well against the Patriots in Foxboro this weekend, he would probably get another look, despite how Skelton is feeling. If not, then the transition back to Skelton becomes easy and we don't have another controversy on our hands.

Regardless, it appears Kolb is going to be in there for a while. Here is what Florio had to say:

At one point on Monday, the thinking was that Skelton could be back by Week Three, when the Eagles come to town. Instead, it appears that Kevin Kolb will get the call when the Cardinals go to New England in Week Two, host Kolb's Eagles the next Sunday, possibly the Dolphins in Week Four, and even on the high end face theRams when the Cardinals go to St. Louis on a short week for Week Five.

That seems like a pretty good chunk of time for what might not even be that serious of an injury. And knowing how bad the offensive line can be at times and Kolb's proneness to becoming injured, we should hope for a quick return for Skelton.

Otherwise, Lindsanity might be upon us before we know it.

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