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Cardinals Vs. Eagles: 5 Negatives From The 27-6 Victory


It's hard to find five negative things from a game where you defense dominated and your offense played efficiently.

After watching the game a second time a few issues arose that the Cardinal will have to worry about for next week against the Dolphins.

1) Staying Healthy: Against the Eagles that Cardinals had several injuries to important players. Iron Man Darnell Docket appears to have hurt his hamstring, Beanie Wells was yet again injured and Todd Heap and Adrian Wilson missed the game because of injury. Hopefully the Cardinals can shake the injury bug soon.

2) Run Game: While we finally got some yards from Ryan Williams, overall the run game was lackluster. Against a okay Eagles defense the Cardinals struggled to get any push at the line of scrimmage.

3) Larod Stephens-Howling: This isn't so much LSH but the play calling. 8 carries for negative 14 yards? This needs to change next week. Every time LSH was on the field they just ran a draw, the play calling was just too predictable.

4) Bad Larry: This may be one of the few times Larry Fitzgerald makes a mistake but it was a mistake that hurt what Larry called one of his closet friends on the team, Andre Roberts. Larry made a bad block that cut short Robers 70+ yard play. Not a huge deal, but it would have given the Cardinals two 100 yard WRs this game.

5) Giving Up Points: The Cardinals defense gave up two field goals, this has got to change. Allowing points in unacceptable... Okay, so I wasn't sure what else to write about. Do you have a suggestion?