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Arizona Cardinals Have Added Another (Or Two Or Three) To Practice Squad

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The Arizona Cardinals have not announced anything officially (it could be coming today) about their roster since the trade of A.J. Jefferson, but since we work using the magic of the Internet, we have more information than what is officially announced. On Sunday, we posted that there were three players that reportedly had been added to the practice squad: DT Ricky Lumpkin, DE/OLB Ricky Elmore and OT Steven Baker.

However, there are more players to note. As I posted on SB Nation Arizona, former Arizona State receiver Gerell Robinson joined the Cardinals, and I suppose it will be the practice squad. That is the only thing that makes sense.

Just a few days after feeling happy that he had won the starting quarterback job, but sad that his brother was cut, John Skelton gets to welcome back his younger brother Steve.

Tight end Steve Skelton tweeted that he is back on the team.

I could not find it anywhere else other than a brief mention on the official team page. Darren Urban suggested that another former Sun Devil, linebacker Colin Parker, is also a practice squad member.

That makes six that we think we know of.

DT Ricky Lumpkin

OLB Ricky Elmore

OT Steven Baker

WR Gerell Robinson

LB Colin Parker

TE Steve Skelton

I'll keep you posted on other news. I am headed to practice today since I have the day off of the day job.

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