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New Year open thread: How did you ring in 2013 and what are your resolutions?

Talk about (PG, please....PG-13 at worst) your New Year's Eve and what your plans are for 2013?

Norm Hall

Hey all! I spent New Year's Eve at my in-laws' home in southern Utah playing games with my kids and wife's family. I spent most of the day writing about the Cards' coaching situation. How did you spend yours?

Happy New Year!

What about this year? We already posted what we believe the Cardinals' 2013 resolutions should be, but what about you as a fan, and as a person?

I plan to continue with my hard work here on the site in covering the team and to attend the home schedule as media once again. I would like to add to the writing staff here (that requires help from you) so that the site's perspective has a broader feel and voice.

Personally, I wish to continue putting my faith, wife and kids above all else. I want to balance my time better. I want to interact a little bit more in the threads and I hope to be more active in my coverage of the Cards when I am covering events.

Now it's up to you! Today I am travelling home to Arizona, but I will join you all again Jan 2.